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president obama's says is strongly over men from the california. that is according to our exclusive cbs five survey usa poll. we asked 750 adults if the election were held today who would you vote for? 57 percent said they would vote for the president. 35 percent said it would vote for romney. a new snapshot on jerry brown's pledge for proposition 30 that is the tax increase for public education and safety this one is very close right now survey usa shows the no votes old and is slides advantage of a huge number 29% are still undecided. the least historical a if a ballot measure that is not as 50 percent essentially around september this does have a high likelihood of success. most of these to not increase in support. >>> several other polls show that more than 50 percent of voters actually do supports raising taxes for california schools. >>> some new details about the man accused of killing inhabit the trauma and christopher lacey was killed after shooting kenyon on stream during a traffic stop on six city an alamo. the chronicle reports that lacey was commuting some 200 mi. to work as a
mitt romney who was promised to fire ben bernanke calls the fed's intervention confirmation that obama's policies do not work we should be creating wealth romney said not printing dollars current republicans fear bernanke may have timed the effort to increase hiring as an election-year get to the president, bernanke rejected that says the timing is due to a stagnant economy. white andrew sued cbs news >>> a slug for their 13th straight win on the road. ,,,, >>> the a's try to finish out the angels with a four game sweep and perfect road trip and 13 game winning streak angels fans to not want to see their team gets wet. brandon mosque taps it back for a double play. yoenis cespedis gems is rest sliding to second base. we're told it is a sprain and he's ok. tory hunter led off with a solo home run they scored six runs the angels blank the a's 6-0. orioles and their rays chasing each other and the a's for the wild-card spot. a's in first place in the american league wild-card spot. jay cutler a rough night peck out four times sacked seven times clay matthews had three. he throws at 27 yd
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2